Arrowhead: responsive, reliable international gas cylinder inspection and testing

Throughout the world, legislation requires that gas cylinders are examined by an inspection body, authorized by the Competent Authority in the Country of use, to verify that they are manufactured correctly and conform to appropriate design standards.

Arrowhead Industrial Services is a specialist independent inspection and testing company based in the USA and UK. Operating on a global basis, we ensure that all our clients conform to regulations and specifications and minimise the risks of manufacturing and transporting high and low-pressure compressed gas containers up to 3,000 litres capacity.

The USA team Arrowhead Industrial Services USA, Inc provide inspection services for the US and Canadian markets working closely with the Department of Transportation [DOT] and Transport Canada [TC].  Their service laboratories provide a range of supreme testing facilities that are utilized for both Arrowhead Industrial Services USA, Inc and Arrowhead Industrial Services Ltd inspection services.

The UK team Arrowhead Industrial Services Ltd provides inspections services that cover the whole of Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia supported by state of the art full service laboratories in North Carolina and California, USA.

Our expert engineers, technicians and quality management specialists together make us one of the world’s premier inspection agencies for transportable pressure equipment including pressure drums, breathing cylinders, fire extinguishers and receptacles for permanent, liquefied and cryogenic gases.

We can cover any inspection or design verification requirement, including assisting cylinder manufacturers to ensure their products meet the regulations for export markets.

Call Arrowhead with total confidence:

  • A global network of proven certification, verification, inspection and training skills
  • Cost-effective impartial advice and knowledge gained from decades of experience
  • Access to international markets requiring accredited certificates and test reports
  • Straight, clear answers from accredited experts to all your queries, however complex
  • Evidence that your products are fit for purpose and meet all required standards
  • Minimising the risk of manufacturing downtime, product failure, accidents, injuries and legal action by ensuring adequate design, testing and perfect calibration of your products
  • Reassurance for your customers, employees and shareholders that you have exercised due diligence and reduced risks
  • Over 50 years experience working in the high pressure gas cylinder industry
  • Our expertise often provides significant time savings in gaining DOT and TC manufacturing approvals