Use of the Certification Logos and Symbols


Following certification and acceptance of Arrowhead Certification Services (ACS) Terms and Conditions of Certification you will be authorised to use the ACS Certification Logo (Logo) and the National Accreditation Symbol (Symbol) issued to ACS by UKAS.  The authorisation will be for the period covered by the Certificate.  All ACS Certificates expire after 3 years and your organisation’s Quality Management System (QMS) will need to be re-assessed in accordance with the ACS Recertification Process.

This document has been prepared in accordance with the BES (Business Energy & Industrial Strategy) publication National Accreditation Logo & Symbols: Conditions for use by UKAS and UKAS accredited organisations February 2017 BEIS.

Certification Conditions

For certification to be valid, you will need to maintain your QMS according to the following criteria:

  • Continuing to maintain a management system which complies with the Assessment Standard.
  • Being subject to surveillance visits with access to areas, documents and personnel as well as taking timely corrective action and verification of all non-conformities noted.
  • Maintaining a record of complaints and the remedial action taken in relation to products or services within the scope of your certification.
  • Notification to ACS of intended significant changes to the organisation or QMS which may affect the certification.
  • Only claiming certification with respect to activities covered in the scope of certification and not use the certificate, reports, Logos or Symbols, or make any statement that brings ACS and/or the certification system into disrepute, lose public trust or is misleading with regard to the scope of certification
  • Payment of fees relating to certification and surveillance visits
  • Compliance with the conditions and use of Logos and Symbols as laid down in the ACS Terms and Conditions of Certification.

ACS retains the ownership of the certification and of the Logos, Symbols and certificates issued. Authorisation to use the Logos and Symbols shall only remain valid so long as the conditions of certification are complied with.

Should the certification be suspended or withdrawn by ACS, cancelled or not renewed by your organisation, the Logo and the Symbol must cease to be used. Customers shall be notified that ACS certification no longer applies and use of relevant advertising material referencing certification discontinued.  ACS will request return of certificates.

Should the scope of certification be reduced either by ACS or your organisation, the use of the Logo and Symbol must be adjusted accordingly, for example amendment of advertising material.



The Certification Logo (Fig 1) does not indicate accredited certification but may be used as shown, without the Accreditation Symbol.

Fig 1 .

The last line of the Logo will be the Assessment Standard to which certification relates.

The Logo may be reproduced in the ACS corporate blue or in a single colour which may be black or gold or, in the case of pre-printed letter headed paper, the predominant colour of the letterhead.  You may only use other colours with the prior consent of ACS.  This Logo, on its own, may be used in advertising, literature, on vehicles or flags. It may be uniformly enlarged or reduced so long as the text is legible and the proportions remain as per the original.

This Logo cannot be used on products if only the organisation’s QMS has been certified as this implies product certification.


Fig 2.

UKAS (United Kingdom Accreditation Service), the UK Accreditation body, authorises use of the National Accreditation Symbol (Symbol) (Fig 2) under a Memorandum of Understanding with the Secretary of State for BEIS.

Certain conditions must be met by all UKAS accredited organisations:

  • The Symbol shall be reproduced in a single colour which should be the predominant ink of the document or, for pre-printed letterhead, the predominant colour of the letterhead.
  • The ACS logo may be produced in blue or the same colour as the UKAS symbol.
  • Embossed, relief or die-stamped versions may be used and the Symbol may also be reproduced as a watermark.
  • The UKAS symbol shall never be used on its own.
  • ACS Certificate holders may only use the Symbol in conjunction with the Certification Symbol – see below.

Electronic reproduction is permitted provided:

  • That the rules laid down in this document are met.
  • The ACS Accreditation number is printed under the Symbol.
  • Degradation and distortion of the marks graphic is avoided
  • Computer files of the Symbols are prepared from the symbol masters supplied on the CD-ROM. Redrawn approximations shall not be used.



QMS Certification to ISO 9001:2015

Fig 3.

The combined logo and symbol (Fig 3) may be displayed on stationery only if the ACS logo or Certification Symbol is also shown, with the combined logo and symbol having no more prominence than the logo or title and not printed more than once for each applicable accreditation.

The ACS Certification Number issued by UKAS to ACS shall be shown underneath and must not be substituted with your own certificate number.


Conditions to be met for using the symbols:

  • When used, the Accreditation Logo may be displayed on unfolded A4 stationery, in a size no greater than 30mm high with a minimum height of 20mm.
  • Enlargement (e.g. >A4 size paper) or reduction (e.g. business cards) of the combined logo and symbol will retain the same proportions as the single entity.
  • Reproduction must be clear and legible with no in filling.
  • The UKAS symbol shall not be bigger than the ACS logo

Where to use the logo and symbols:

  • Stationery, letterheads, quotations for work
  • Advertising and publicity materials related to your certification
  • On internal/inside walls and doors of your buildings
  • On exhibition stands
  • Websites

Symbols may not be used:

  • On flags and buildings
  • On vehicles, except where used as part of a larger advertisement, provided this is in accordance with the rules and conditions laid down in this document.
  • To suggest that ACS has approved any product, process or service (goods, products, wrapping, labels etc.) unless the product is produced and certified under the ACS Certification / Registration audits. Specific rules apply to the use of the Product Certification Mark. You should discuss these with ACS before use.
  • On laboratory test, calibration or inspection reports as these are deemed to be products in this context.
  • In any way that might mislead the reader about your certification
  • At any location not included in the certification

Monitoring the Use of Logos and Symbols

ACS will monitor your use of the Logos and Symbols during surveillance visits to ensure compliance with these requirements.  If any misuse or abuse is noted by ACS, we will notify you immediately with details of the situation, corrective action required and timescales for completing this action.  If the situation were allowed to continue, this would constitute the first stage of the withdrawal and suspension procedure.

Availability of Logos and Symbols

Logos and Symbols will be sent electronically when the first certificate is issued (Note – the images in the document are for guidance only and are not to be reproduced.) A copy of this document – rules for the Use of Certification Logos and Symbols – will also be issued to you.



For further information regarding ACS products and services, please contact us.